Tuning services

We offer PCM tuning services on most GM vehicles from 99+ (see vehicle/transmission list), using the latest software and equiptment through EFI live, a leader in the industry. Using this advanced equiptment we can make changes the dealer does not have the ability to change.

We offer:

  • Ecomomy tuning services
  • Performance tuning services
  • Changes to transmission
  • Shift point
  • Shift speed
  • Shift firmness
  • Torque management settings
  • Removal of security in PCM
  • Top speed limiter removal
  • Engine rev limiter changes
  • Speedometer correction services. We can disable active fuel managment (4-cylinder mode) and in some cases we have seen economy gains
  • Fan turn on off temp
  • Custom adjustment of air fuel ratio using a wide band o2 sensor
  • Adjust or modify any variable controlled by your PCM

In addition to our tunings services we also offer scanning services. This allows us determine why your "check engine" light or "service engine soon" light is on. In many cases we can fix the problem without having to replace the questioned part, and save you money.